The main street in Stewart, BC. This and the last 3 picture on this page are from the Stewart and Hyder International Chamber of Commerce

An aerial view of the two towns. Stewart is the larger town at the upper end of the large body of water, the Portland Canal, which is the fjord reaching in from the Pacific. Hyder is the smaller town located where the Salmon River, on the left, meets the Portland Canal. The US-Canada border is the thin line in the trees rising up the hill just to the right of Hyder, near the center of the picture. The highway comes in along the left side of the river near Stewart. The road that overlooks the Salmon Glacier heads along the Salmon River from Hyder, and eventually crosses back into BC. Photo from

Hyder city limits, coming from Stewart. There is no US customs here on the way from British Columbia to Alaska, but, going the other way, there is Canada customs, which means that residents of Hyder need to go through customs to go to the bank or to get gas, a very strange set up.

The main street in Hyder. Since Hyder is, technically, in Alaska, there is no sales tax here, an attraction for visitors from BC, where the sales tax is 15%.

The Border Bandit, a store just barely in Hyder.

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