On 1 March I took fjellheisen ("the mountain elevator") up the mountain on the mainland, just across the water from Tromsø Island.

The main part of Tromsø is on an island, part of which is seen here. I live at the south (left) end, and work at the center of the picture on the near shore, about a twenty-minute walk. It takes about 45 minutes to walk from the near shore to the far shore.

A view including the southern tip of the island. In the background is another island, Kvaløya.

The bridge to the mainland and the northern end of the island.

I work in the building just to the right of the marina.

Tromsdalstinden, the highest peak visible from Tromsø, at 1238 m (4062 feet).

Mountains to the north.

A snowboarder going uphill with the help of a kite.

Some skiers in the sun on a ridge.

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