During the last week of February we had 3 days in a row with about 20 cm (8 inches) of snow each day, and a lot of blowing snow. We went from about 40 cm to 1 m (16 to 40 inches) on the ground. While that's not an unusual amount of snow for Tromsų to have on the ground, it was quite a bit of new snow in a short time, and caused a lot of shoveling and plowing, which in turn, caused a lot of big piles of snow.

The green thing sticking out from behind the snow is a 4-foot high trash can.

A van, mostly dug out.

My car, beside the pile of snow shoveled from the driveway.

A well-designed Norwegian snow shovel (you just slide it, never lift it), and the ramp up our snow pile.

The pile seen from inside my apartment.

Views out my other windows. The red poles mark the outside of the wall around the yard, so the plow drivers know how far out to plow.

The street I live on.

This guy has an unfair advantage!

A street on my walk to work.

Piles on the sides of roads dwarfed cars. They eventually haul a lot of these piles to the sea to keep it manageable, but they can't do that while it's snowing and they're still busy plowing.

Rush hour in Tromsų, near where I work.

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