This map shows where we went on each of our trips. The first, in yellow, was to Naryan Mar, with a short layover in Arkhangelsk each way, from 28-31 March. After one day in Saint Petersburg we were off on the second trip, in blue, three days in Vorkuta, with a night in Siktivkar each way. We then had almost two weeks in Saint Petersburg before we left on 19 April for the third, much longer, trip. We started by flying to the airport that serves Norilsk and Dudinka, and spending one night in Dudinka before flying on to Khatanga for about a week. We then returned to Dudinka for five days, and arranged to fly up to Dikson, where we spent five days. It was then back to the Norilsk airport, and then on to Saint Petersburg, via Moscow, two days later.

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