In the middle of February I went on a trip to visit research stations at Abisko, Sweden, and Pallas, Finland. It was a three-day trip, with about 6 hours of driving each day, first from Tromsų to Abisko, then from Abisko to Pallas, and finally back to Tromsų.

The trickiest part of the drive was over the mountain pass crossing from Norway into Sweden. We had to wait for about a half hour, then follow a plow in a convoy. Visibility was poor at times, so you just tried to follow the car immediately in front of you. This was taken during a calm stretch, when you could see easily. Fortunately the system meant there was no oncoming traffic.

Once we got to Abisko, the weather was very nice. This is on the shore of the lake there.

Sanja, one of the people from Tromsų I was travelling with, and one of the employees at Abisko.

The main building at Abisko

Sanja getting ready to melt a snow sample to filter the water, measuring the amount of soot in the snow.

On the way from Abisko to Pallas, we stopped in Kiruna, Sweden, to visit the ice hotel there. They wanted some outrageous amount of money to let us in for a tour, so we just wandered around outside.

Some views around our hotel in Pallas. This is in a national park in far northern Finland, near where Finland, Sweden, and Norway meet.

Some of the people who work at the Pallas research station took us up to the station, on top of a small mountain, by snowmobile.

The view from the top.

The research station.

Johan, the other person from Tromsų, getting a tour of the insturments.

Another view from the top.

More of the instruments, with a bit of rime ice covering them, formed when cloud drops hit the surfaces that are below freezing.

More views from the top; some clouds were moving in from below.

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